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June 30th, 2008

For thirty-three years, I tried to to get my science fiction stories published in the science fiction magazines.  Without success.  I can't say they're as good as all, but I think they're better than some, and I think some people might've enjoyed them if only they could have seen them.

So, right now, I'm trying something different.  I'm taking a few of my most recent rejected manuscripts, and putting them up on the Web for all to see.  Here they are.

I'll be tweaking this site over the next few months.

I haven't yet set up an e-mail account specifically for this site.  Those I've told about it already know where to reach me.  But if anyone else happens upon this site, and wants to communicate with me, try my mailing address:

Robert Nowall
P. O. Box 100371
Cape Coral, Florida, 33910-0371
I've set up an e-mail account.  Try
This is all still new to me so I hope it works.  I haven't updated much because I haven't had anything to add.
I've added two more stories---my entire 2009 finished-work output.
Two more most recent output.  Mostly I was writing in 2010 and revising in 2011. 
It's been suggested that e-publishing might be the way for me to go.  I'm considering it.  But I think these works may be too short for something serious.
Another two stories, SF, bounced by the major markets...and another, which wasn't SF or Internet Fan Fiction or anything I usually write, but which I've had on hand for awhile and decided to put up.
I had a third story ready to go, but it'll have to wait until it gets rejected at least one more time.